Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day and catching up

For years and years I dreamed of celebrating Mother's day as a mother. I dreamed of the sweet things my husband and kids would do for me, the sleeping in, the meals made for me, the "princess" treatment. Today was my first Mother's day as a mother. I was pleasantly surprised to find that now that it was finally here I wanted none of those things I had dreamed so long for. All I wanted was to spend the day with my family, taking care of my boys just like I always do. It was a rainy day, so we just stayed in and hung out. It was the best. I couldn't have asked for more. I am so thankful that God chose me to be the mother to those sweet boys. I am also thankful to their birth mothers for giving them life.


Now for catching up. We've now been home almost 10 months. The boys are doing wonderful! Josiah is near walking, and so excited about it. He has become little mister independent. He is trying to put his own shoes on, dress himself, feed himself with a spoon, get himself up and down from the furniture. He is also learning so many signs! I love watching him learn how to use them appropriately. He wanted me to pick him up earlier so he signed "up please". Two words together and in the right context! I was so proud. He has been working on feeding himself, both with a spoon and with his fingers. He's got the finger thing down and does really well with a spoon. He has really good aim with the spoon, gets it right from the bowl to his mouth, so I'm really not sure how he gets so messy.... We have learned however, that he does NOT like pizza. WHAT!?! Still speechless over that one.

Jackson is doing so well to. He is also learning lots of words and signs and is putting words together. We have learned that he loves helping. Whether it be helping throw away trash or sweep the floor or vacuum the floor or help with his little brother. He also LOVES Josiah! They have recently learned the art of wrestling! Seems every time I turn around they are wrestling these days. And before I can tell Jackson to be careful or gentle with brother, Josiah starts laughing. Makes it kind of hard for my point to stick. ;) Both boys now love reading books and having them read to them. There was a time, not too long ago, that I thought they would never sit still long enough to hear one page let alone a whole book!! :) We also had Jackson's sleep study done to try and figure out why he doesn't sleep well. That was a pretty rough night for me, but Jackson did pretty good.They didn't find anything wrong which is good, we just now have to come up with some ways to help him sleep better. The one really good thing that came of it though was a huge turning point in bonding between he and I. Since that night he now sees me as a safe place when things are unknown or different. :)

Since the weather has been nice and warm we have started going outside and even made good use of the kiddie pool. We learned that Jackson LOVES playing in the water, actually just being outside. Josiah....not so much. After about 20 - 30 minutes he is ready to go in. So we are currently trying to come up with some things for Josiah to do outside to keep him occupied while Jackson is in the pool or just playing. Since he is very independent we really need some things he can do by himself like looking at books.

I am sure there is so much more, but I'll just get to the pictures and try to remember the rest for next time ;)

 Teaching brother how to jump on the trampoline :)

 Brothers playing peek a boo! :)

 He took out all the toys and played in the bookcase.

 Hanging out with daddy on the front porch, and sweeping of course ;)

 Jackson put on his own shoes for the very first time. Who cares if they are on the wrong feet!
 "But momma, you said "eat your candy I'll be right back and then we'll go outside" so I ate my candy. Oh, you meant the candy already in my mouth and not the whole cup of purple skittles?"

 Being super cute while eating his snack.

 Do you think he's comfy? :)

 He was so proud of himself.....and so very messy!!

 Brothers just hanging out.

 Now this is the way you read a book. :)

 The trampoline is actually a wrestling rink. :)

 Outdoor fun!

 Come here Penny, I promise I won't splash you! :) Penny didn't fall for it.

 Having a snack after a long afternoon of playing in the pool :)

 They LOVE playing with blankets!

 So handsome!

 His diaper was so water filled that his shorts couldn't be pulled up any farther than this!

 Jackson was sharing Daddy's cereal. :)
Josiah has mastered the art of lounging!