Thursday, December 8, 2011

Long term missions work............adoption! (by a proud poppa)

Yep, that's what it is!  A lifetime of dying to yourself and serving the ones God has given you!  My pastor told us that long ago, but it has finally set in.  A voluntary death (as Jesus did) for the well being of the ones you love!  Our old life has died, gone away, adios....bye-bye.  Replaced by one of greatful servanthood, a life of prayer, work, loving and doing everything we can for these two little fellas (maybe even more, someday).

All of the adventures God has put us on, so far, had been fairly short. A few week long mission trips to Mexico, a few week long trips with jr/sr high nuts, 9 months of fundraising for the begining of our lifelong mission trip to Ukraine.

For a guy that that loves adventure, and used to think that being a Christian would be boring.....I was WRONG!  Since giving my life to Him about 5 years ago, it has been one crazy adventure after another....never fully knowing what is around the next corner.  It has not been easy but, I never saw Indiana Jones kick back and take a vacation.....  What a joy it is!  Lots of hard, gratifying work but a joy to do for the Lord who loves us!

I do have a favor to ask all who read this, actually two.  I ask that you pass on this request...that's request one. Request two is that you pray about adoption, if you can't adopt then pray about supporting someone who is.  Not just before adoption, but during and afterward.  The afterward part is so important.  We had so many who helped in all stages....we can't express our appreciation enough.