Monday, November 29, 2010

Upcoming Birthdays

Please help us celebrate Caleb's and Jackson's birthdays. Even though they will not be with us this year, we are still celebrating. We'll be having a party with cake and ice cream, presents and friends! We even have a friend video taping it for us to show the boys when they do get home.

If you don't live close enough to attend, you can still celebrate with us! Please celebrate by helping these boys be home by their next birthdays so they can celebrate with their loving forever family, get to eat the cake and ice cream, play with the friends at the party, get to open their own gifts, get extra hugs and love on their special day, instead of spending it in a crib at an orphanage.

For their birthday, their wish list is the following:

Passports to come home - $600 each
Visa's and medicals to come home - $550 each
Flights home - $1000 each
Flights for their parents to come get them - $4000
Lodging/food/travel in EE for parents while waiting for court dates to make it all official - $5500
Facilitator fees to get the paperwork translated, submitted to EE gov't, legal/court fees, and much more - $9000 each
USCIS (immigration) applications and fingerprinting for parents - $1600

So please consider donating towards one or more of these items for their birthdays! Please share this with others so they can help bring these boys home also! That's all they want for their birthdays :)

Caleb's birthday is December 10th and Jackson's is January 4th.

Thank you!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all God has blessed us with, more than we could ever list :) We are particularly thankful this year for the 2 little boys that will be joining our family soon! We cannot wait until next year when they will be here to celebrate with us. One friend put it this way, "Next year you will have high chairs, bibs, and mashed potatoes on the floor"!! We can't wait! (and neither can the dogs LOL) We are also ever so thankful for all of you who are helping these boys get home as soon as possible to their forever family. Thanks to all who are fundraising, donating, helping us with fundraisers, and most of all praying! God knows what we need and when we need it, and I thank you for allowing Him to use you in this wonderful work. We pray that He will bless you as you are blessing these boys and us.

Enjoy your turkey and your football!!!! We are going to work on the boys bedroom and have sloppy joes!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New fundraiser

We are now doing a coffee fundraiser. Click on the following link, order your coffee and $5 from every bag purchased goes to our adoption fund!!! Please share this information with your friends/family/co-workers/neighbors. I know many of us have that special coffee we just have to have, but please consider buying this coffee to help bring these 2 little boys home. Thank you!!!

our family page on RR

Woohoo!!!! Both boys are now on our FSP on the RR website! :) Seeing both of their pictures side by side brings tears to my eyes. These are our sons, God willing. We already love them and miss them, even though we've never met them. That sounds crazy to some, but there are those of you out there who know exactly what I mean. Whenever that pile of paperwork seems overwhelming, or I start to think of the funds still needing to be raised, or just feel weighted down by the whole process, I just look at those two wonderful faces and know that it is all worth it. God loves them so much more than we ever could, He will provide. So to all of you who are out there fundraising for these two little boys, or just simply donating, we thank you!! You are such a blessing!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft sale fundraiser

Thanks to all who helped! We didn't have as many people come as we would have liked but we still made $500!!! Praise God!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just a reminder to those donating $25 or more, if you would like a christmas ornament with Caleb's picture, please email us your address. Without this email we won't know that you would like an ornament. For those who have already donated for an ornament, they are on their way!! I will be shipping them out in the next couple days. Thanks for your patience :) 

Monday, November 15, 2010


My sister-in-law Melinda is selling handmade ornaments to raise funds for the adoption. If you are interested in one, please email her at They can easily be folded and mailed as gifts/stocking stuffers, and fanned back out. She can also take large orders! They are super cute, but not as cute as Caleb & Jackson :)
‎$5 for one, $12 for three. The "small" ones are about the size of a baseball and the "large" ones are slightly larger with scalloped edges. This pricing does not include the ornaments with Caleb's picture. Those are given with a donation of $25 or more :)
Thank you!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caleb's brother

Please meet Caleb's brother, Josiah (Jackson on RR)!!! We are so excited God has led us to these two little blessings! My husband and I prayed and prayed for God's will in committing to a second little boy and we feel He has said yes and that Josiah is that little boy. Please continue to pray as we now have double the paperwork and more funds to raise. We know, though, that nothing is too big for God!!! He loves those little blessings way more than we ever could. And even though we cannot get them for a few months, we are resting in the fact that they are in God's hands, even in that orphanage so far away.
We know some, no, many people will not understand us adopting 2 special needs children, but we count it as a blessing that God would choose us to be the parents of these two little boys. So please pray for us, these two little ones, those who don't understand, and about donating or helping get donations to bring them home.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ornament Fundraiser

Good news!!! We have someone making ornaments with Caleb's (Sebastian) picture :)  Since we were committed to him before the Angel Tree started he is not one of the kids that has an ornament through Reece's Rainbow website. But our wonderful sister-in-law has offered to make some for us. So those who would like to donate $25 or more can receive an ornament!  Yay! And all of the donation goes directly to the adoption fund. You can make a tax deductible donation to Reece's Rainbow (either on our family sponsor page or by sending a check to RR with who it is for) or a non tax-deductible donation here on our blog. Please email us with your address and we will mail you an ornament.

What a great gift idea, too!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A name has been decided!!

We have finally decided on a name for our little boy :) Caleb Daniel Golden, known as Sebastian on RR. We cannot wait to bring this little one home, God willing, in the spring! 
Also God willing, we will be bringing home a brother for him as well. We are sending in soon all that is needed to commit to this second little fella. As soon as we are officially committed we will share his picture and info with all.
I cannot wait until my days are filled with loving and taking care of my boys instead of fundraising to bring them home!!

Thank you to all who have donated, prayed, and encouraged us!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our family page is up and going!!

Our family page on the Reece's Rainbow is up and going! We are officially committed to Sebastian :)

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help bring this little boy home, please go to the link below. My making a donation directly to Reece's it is tax-deductible and if for some reason we are unable to adopt him, the money will stay with Sebastian for the next family to adopt him!! So please share this link with your friends/family/neighbors/co-workers and give them all a chance to help in bringing this little guy home and out of the orphanage!!

If you send in a check rather than use paypal, there are no fees taken out and the full amount will be applied towards his adoption fund! Thank you!!

As soon as I figure out how, I will get his picture on the blog :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Got an email today containing the long, long, long, long, list of paperwork needed to complete our dossier!!! Excited for this next step, yet a little overwhelmed when first looking at it :) I will go back tomorrow and read through everything more thoroughly. We also have our first appointment set with our social worker! She will be here next week. So please pray all our paperwork is ready by then. Also that the stair railing gets installed :)
We are so excited to be on this journey. God is teaching us so much through it! And at the end of this journey we will begin the journey of parenthood :) Thank you to all who have been praying, donating, fundraising, and helping to set up fundraisers!!!