Roku HD Give Away Extended until Sunday night! Even more time to know why you need one of these amazing little boxes and donate to a good cause!

Do you watch movies, Listen to music, have high speed internet? If so, you need this amazing little black box! This is an amazing little thing that lets you stream hulu, netflix, pandora and more to your TV! No more calling everyone over to huddle around the it on the big screen or blast it through your sound system! (click here to check out their website) This is the Roku HD that is up for giveaway! And the person donating this is throwing in two months of excuses now!

But wait, there's more! Are you tired of the hassle of trying to catch that movie at the theater, sick of not being able to eat a thick, grilled steak and enjoy that glass of wine while watching that movie at the theater! Fire up the grill, get the cork screw and let the spouse know tonights date includes dinner, movie and some dancing (courtesy of Pandora internet radio)...all in the privacy of your own home...and if you dance like me, that's a bonus all in itself!

Still unsure if you want a magic black box? Well, good news! We are giving one away, and you could win it! Entries for the drawing are earned by donating to our Roku Chipin box. These donations are tax deductable and chipin just directs you to reecesrainbows paypal account (just make sure to put "Goldens" in the paypal instructions). Here's how to win!

1 entry per dollar donated with a bonus offered at:
$21 = 40 entries
$42 =90 entries
$63 = 150 entries
$84= 210 entries
$105=300 entries
$210=1000 entries
$1000=6000 entries
$2100=15,000 entries
and if you felt led to donate the remaining $10,000 you automaticly win one and we will even upgrade it for you :) (please remember I will be cutting out these entries so I would encourage you donating the full $10,000 so the boys dad doesn't go to visit with some kind of perminant scissor hand ailment or something...but I am willing to risk all kinds of papercuts for these little guys, so donate what you can. We thank each and every one of you! Please spread it around on social networking sites, chat groups, email lists, friends and family...

Thanks again,




Below are just a few items we have for sale to raise funds to bring our little guys home. 100% of the proceeds go towards the adoption. Please go to for the full listing of everything available. You can purchase directly from there. Please email us with any questions!! Remember Mother's Day is coming up!!

We have blankets, scarves, pot holders, coffee cup cozies, and more!! We are putting on new items today so make sure to check back over the next day or two to see the new stuff!! Thank you!!!




Pictures of crafts for sale will be going up this afternoon so please come back and take a look. The crafts were lovingly made and donated to help bring the boys home so please take a look, and remember Mother's day is coming up :)

Also, through the end of April I am having a Beauti Control fundraiser. Just go to and check out their wonderful spa products (love the pedicure line!!). The consultant is donating 10% of the total sales to the boys adoption fund! So please take a look, and again, remember that Mother's Day is approaching :) If you order online, please just send me and email letting me know you ordered so I can let the consultant know, otherwise it won't count for the boys.

Thank you so much! And don't forget to tell your friends too! We only have about $11,500 left to raise to be fully funded! And stay tuned for the crafts and for another fundraiser that I'll be posting later this afternoon! :)

The benefit went great!!! $1451 was raised for the boys!! Praise the Lord!! We still have crafts left for sale. We will be posting those here in the next couple of days so keep a look out! We still have over $21,000 left to raise to bring home both boy, so we still need your help!


If you live in Michigan or know anyone who does, tell them about this benefit to raise funds for the boys adoption. The owners of a very awesome coffee shop in Ionia, MI are hosting the benefit as well as a silent auction and craft sale. It is to be held on April 9th, 6pm - 8pm. The address is 576 N. State St. Ionia, MI 48846. Here's what they had to say about the benefit:

We have planned a benefit that allows children, teens and adults with mental disabilities to have a future and a night of FUN! Music, Dancing, Crafts, Desserts and Coffee! The community is invited to attend! We will be asking for a donation at the door. We are also doing a craft sale on Saturday during the day and a silent auction. If you have items to donate, please call 527-0100 and ask for Mindy.

If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation: Make checks payable to "Reece's Rainbow" and put the Golden family in the "for" section. You can then drop the check off at Sozo or mail it to our address above. We will be sure all money is given to them the day of the event. This is a tax deductible donation, but if that doesn't matter then a check can be made out to Joel Golden. Cash is also welcomed.

Let's help bless this family as they venture into a new chapter in their lives. Also, if you have a child with Down Syndrome and you have good books that helped you in raising your kids please 

bring that along for them. They will appreciate all your support.

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