Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Praising Him in the storm

What does that really mean, to praise Him in the storm? I used to think it meant that while we were going through really big trials we would still praise God for all He has done, is doing, and will do in our lives, to praise Him for us becoming more like Christ through this big trial. I was partly right...I now know that it means to praise Him in the light drizzle also :)  As we have gotten caught up in the busy-ness of getting everything ready for a homestudy and dossier, we forgot to pray without ceasing. We forgot to glorify God in all we do. We didn't forget Him completely, just when we weren't still and quiet, which was most of the time. So during this, we had trials. Not big ones, just the little ones that sneak up on you and become part of every day life. Like not treating your spouse like a gift from God, or grumbling over something when it was prayed for (but of course, it didn't come in the form "I" thought it should). These are the light drizzles we need to praise Him through...everyday life!! We have had a couple set backs on our homestudy that I really wanted to grumble about, or at least feel sorry for myself about. But I forgot, it's not about me!
So how do we praise Him in the storm, or the light drizzle? By rejoicing in the light drizzle and seeing it as opportunity to shine His light!! By praying for others instead of moping for ourselves! By praying about the light drizzles, we are to take EVERYTHING to Him in prayer! By seeing Him in everything, seeing His beauty, His creation, instead of the light drizzle!
So even though things aren't going "my" way, I will rejoice and praise God that they are going HIS way!!

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