Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We've been a little busy.....

I know that is no excuse for waiting so long to post. Please forgive us. I'll try to catch up everything and hopefully get some pics and videos up too.

The trip to the Ds clinic went great! Josiah is doing great and they didn't feel the need to send him for any kind of testing or specialists. However, we believe he does have reflux. For now we are just doing some things here at home to try and help, but if it doesn't seem to work we will have him tested. Jackson is doing well too. He does have a small hole in his heart that the doctor is not concerned about at all. Just wants to see him again in a year. This is kind of funny because the info we had was that Jackson was born with a hole in his heart but that it closed by itself, and that Josiah was born with one but that it didn't fix itself so he needed to be seen in a year (which would have been October of 2011). As for Jackson's eyes, well the doctor said that surgery is his only option. He doesn't have a weaker eye, they both see the same, but he just sees out of one of them at a time. The surgery would make his eyes straighten out and would help them start seeing at the same time. We haven't scheduled the surgery yet. We are taking time to pray about it and see if there might be other options.

We have not started any kind of early intervention services yet. We will be in touch with them over the next couple of weeks hopefully, but for now we've just wanted time for everyone to adjust.
We've seen so much growth from both boys in the two months we've been home. Josiah is so strong now. While in his walker he can put all his weight on his legs. He also can sit up now. He cannot sit totally unattended, but before he couldn't even sit straight up with you holding him. He has come so far!! He has also let his personality come out. He jabbers, smiles, laughs, giggles. We LOVE it!! He has also started dancing (which is funny because he does it while laying on the floor). His babbling has started to become more like he's trying to talk, and he's started saying "ahhhh". Whenever Jackson takes a drink at dinner Josiah will look longingly at him and say "ahhhh". He also said it as he watched me eat some Starbursts!! LOL He just knew they tasted good enough to be worthy of an "ahhhh"!!

Jackson is surprising us with how quickly he is not only understanding English but speaking it. He says so many words that I've lost count. Among them are: monkey, kitty, Penny (our dog), momma, daddy, brother, Josiah, Jackson, up, down, two, five, clap, eat, cereal, car, vroom(and he knows this is the noise the car makes), woof (he knows this is the sound the dogs make), and meow (he knows this is the sound the kitty makes). There are many more! He is doing great with his signing too! The other day at dinner he couldn't get his salad on his fork so he said and signed "help"!
As for eating, he eats well. He still eats almost anything, but he has started to get awful picky about eating his fruits. :) He doesn't like apples or peaches, but he'll eat applesauce or peachsauce. So I'll be making some pearsauce too.

Jackson still gets overstimulated easily so we pretty much stay at home and we only attend Sunday school for now. The boys enjoy Sunday school as they get to go into the nursery with Mrs. Debbie, whom they love.

We have had no visitors since Aunt Melinda and Uncle Mike, but we are expecting my parents the end of this week. The boys will be meeting their Grandma Pauline and Grandpa Mike for the first time.

And now for the pictures/videos :) We don't have many as our camera is not working and when Joel gets home from work his phone is dead. :(

This is a cute looking boy! Well, look closer at his feet.

While we were making dinner we kept peeking around the corner at the boys and Josiah would just look at us and smile and giggle. We thought he was being so cute. Then something caught my eye and I went in for a closer look. This is what I found.

 Apparently just enough poo went out the side of his diaper and down his leg for him to smear it all over his feet and the carpet!!! The spot on the carpet was like a foot in diameter!! And the total amount of poo didn't even fill the diaper, it's just the way he was sitting in his walker that made it come out the side. So daddy scrubbed the carpet and momma scrubbed the kid! (okay, daddy helped momma a little!)

These next two are just because the boys are cute!

The above is what happens when Momma is in the kitchen making applesauce and daddy is playing with the boys. He made a "gladiator" hat out of a piece of scrap fabric. All those knots are "spikes"!! Jackson loved the hat thought. We even have a video of him doing the chicken dance in it! As soon as I figure out how to get videos on here I'll post it as well as one of Josiah showing off his skills.

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