Thursday, October 28, 2010

Praise God!

God is so good!! When we are obedient, it is amazing the blessings He puts in our path!! We got home today to find a donation from someone we do not even know! And were then told of another donation from co-workers of our sister-in-law. Neither of these are large amounts, but we are so very thankful for them. It doesn't matter if all you have to donate is $5, it means so much to us that people are willing to donate at all to help us bring this little boy home. We also had a young girl at our church decide to donate the full $20 she earned from her grandma for getting good grades to help bring this little guy home. This is a girl who does not usually have extra spending money, so this makes it even more of a sacrifice. I can't wait to put up pictures on here for y'all to see the precious one you are donating to :)

I must admit, we had gotten off track for a few days, hadn't been putting God first. When we realized we were letting all the little details of the adoption process frazzle us and distract us from God, we stopped and turned to Him. We could do none of this without Him. It is because of His love for us that we are able to love others as we do, including this little boy we have never even met.

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