Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yard Sale Success!

I can't list the number of people who helped, donated, bought, and prayed for the success of this.  We didn't even plan on doing this 2 weeks ago, but then again 4 weeks ago we had no plans for adopting a special needs child or a child from a different country.  This just proves that God has his own timing, and if we are sensitive to His Spirit, we will be blessed!

We had a church from a near by community donate their remaining trailer full of very nice used clothing as well as racks, tables and some other misc. items.   Several complete strangers dropped off several truck loads of very nice items as well as items from family and friends.  Special thanks go to our pastor and his wife (Harold and Debbie Carman) for use of their enormous tent and their land: the Rodriguez family for their help in set up, translation and prayers: Heather and all her help (and truck): Steven and Ashley for all their help and tent set up (not a fun thing, way too many spikes and sledge swings):  And many others who I can't remember right off hand.  Your talents and gifts of items or time are a blessing to us and this precious little fella we are trying to bring home.

We raised a total of $1473.50 over two days of sales!  Lots of hours, little sleep, lots of hard work and a lot of talking to people about the adoption!

You Guys Rock!  Thank you again!  Please continue praying, this process is going quicker than we thought!

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