Monday, November 29, 2010

Upcoming Birthdays

Please help us celebrate Caleb's and Jackson's birthdays. Even though they will not be with us this year, we are still celebrating. We'll be having a party with cake and ice cream, presents and friends! We even have a friend video taping it for us to show the boys when they do get home.

If you don't live close enough to attend, you can still celebrate with us! Please celebrate by helping these boys be home by their next birthdays so they can celebrate with their loving forever family, get to eat the cake and ice cream, play with the friends at the party, get to open their own gifts, get extra hugs and love on their special day, instead of spending it in a crib at an orphanage.

For their birthday, their wish list is the following:

Passports to come home - $600 each
Visa's and medicals to come home - $550 each
Flights home - $1000 each
Flights for their parents to come get them - $4000
Lodging/food/travel in EE for parents while waiting for court dates to make it all official - $5500
Facilitator fees to get the paperwork translated, submitted to EE gov't, legal/court fees, and much more - $9000 each
USCIS (immigration) applications and fingerprinting for parents - $1600

So please consider donating towards one or more of these items for their birthdays! Please share this with others so they can help bring these boys home also! That's all they want for their birthdays :)

Caleb's birthday is December 10th and Jackson's is January 4th.

Thank you!!

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