Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caleb's brother

Please meet Caleb's brother, Josiah (Jackson on RR)!!! We are so excited God has led us to these two little blessings! My husband and I prayed and prayed for God's will in committing to a second little boy and we feel He has said yes and that Josiah is that little boy. Please continue to pray as we now have double the paperwork and more funds to raise. We know, though, that nothing is too big for God!!! He loves those little blessings way more than we ever could. And even though we cannot get them for a few months, we are resting in the fact that they are in God's hands, even in that orphanage so far away.
We know some, no, many people will not understand us adopting 2 special needs children, but we count it as a blessing that God would choose us to be the parents of these two little boys. So please pray for us, these two little ones, those who don't understand, and about donating or helping get donations to bring them home.


  1. They are beautiful! You are so blessed.

    Be blessed


  2. Congratulations! Josiah is beautiful! He and Caleb will bring so much joy to your home! I don't know if you have said it before, but how old are they?

  3. Congratulations!! He is adorable.


  4. Congratulations! I am in prayer for many of the little ones on RR and am thrilled for your adoption of both beautiful boys!

    Mom to three--one by adoption, two by birth, one w/DS

  5. These boys are such cuties! We have a special spot in our hearts for both of them.

    We held 2 garage sales that brought in over $6000! It was a huge help in the fundraising. We asked people of our church and neighborhood for donations of things they no longer wanted. We had SUCH big sales it was crazy! Just wanted to pass along the idea.


  6. i just noticed, you said his name was josiah, yet you refer to him as jackson. and now you have josiah and jackson..... just wondering....

  7. Tink, we decided to stick with Jackson for him shortly after this. Since we really like the name Josiah, it was what we decided to name our second son :)