Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday party fun

Okay so this is a little late :)

Saturday we had a first birthday party for Josiah. For this special occasion, Joel's brother Mike and his wife Melinda came down from Michigan to stay the weekend. This was special to Joel and I because Melinda had done so much to fundraise and bring awareness for the boys through this whole process, and Mike of course supported and helped her. Due to Jackson being overstimulated easily we weren't sure how it would go having them stay here, but it went great!! Jackson LOVES his Uncle Mike and Aunt Melinda! He has even asked for her since she left :) When they first got here he was eating so he pretty much ignored them and I thought, uh-oh, this isn't going to go well. But the boy just had his priorities in order! LOL  As soon as he was done eating he went right to them and never left their sides :) The next morning when they woke up and came downstairs, his face lit up and he said "ohhhh", and went right over for some loving. I thank the Lord that they were able to come and get to know these little men they for which they fought so hard to bring home.

The day of the birthday party came and of course I had not gotten anything ready. I keep thinking I'll have more time tomorrow than I do today....hmmmm I'm thinking now that I may be wrong about that ;) So we cleaned and rearranged furniture and Uncle Mike and Aunt Melinda went and got decorations and decorated for us (thank you!!). We just had a small party but it went very well! I am so thankful the Lanes were able to come. Jackson absolutely loves Ellee Lane! And thanks to Uncle Mike who got some video and pictures for us, we witnessed a sweet kiss between Ellee and Jackson that happened behind where the present unwrapping was going so I would have missed it completely. So cute!!! The boys did pretty good. Josiah didn't understand why I'd hand him a toy and then take it away and hand him another so quickly!! LOL He also didn't really appreciate his Bumbo seat, especially when I put the tray on. Jackson had to go off quietly once or twice to get away from the commotion, oh and he stuck his hand in the salsa bowl! But other than that he did great :) He had a great time playing with the other kids there while the adults were watching Josiah open his gifts. All the other kids there were girls....he's a hit with the little ladies already!

We were so blessed by all those who gave gifts to the boys. We even had some dear friends in MI send down a couple of swings for the boys and a whole tote of clothes!! We got clothes and toys that were very much needed. Oh, and diapers :) and a baby tub for Josiah! What blessings!! We cannot thank everyone enough!

The boys were done in by the end of the party. By 6pm they were both asleep, for what we thought was an hour so they could get up and eat, but they were out for the night. They slept till morning! They woke up smiling and refreshed!! So we tried church. That didn't go so well. They did great while there, but the rest of the afternoon was not so good :(

I know ya'll want to see pictures. We didn't get any on our camera so I'll have those who did get some send them to me so I can get them up on here in the next day or two.

Thank you for all your prayers!! We appreciate them very much! 

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