Friday, August 5, 2011


They are not related by blood. They did not play together at the orphanage. They only shared mom twice before gotcha day. But these two little boys are truly brothers!!

As I watched on from around the corner, they lay on the floor playing. Jackson is so good about getting right down to Josiah and just talking to him and giving him toys to play with (sometimes gently, sometimes thrown with precision aim directly to the head!). Today as they lay on the floor together, face to face, Jackson said something to Josiah and Josiah started laughing! LAUGHING!! This is the kid we had to wait for weeks to even get a smile from and even now have to work at getting one. So they lay there laughing together and talking and I am just standing there smiling at how God has blessed us, when out from under the couch (his newly found hiding place) comes Jackson's comb. Oh boy, something kind of hard in Jackson's hand which happened to be kind of close to his brother's head....I just stick in here that we are really working with Jackson on his hitting and throwing because he does both, a lot, and with a fierce I am preparing myself to go rescue my youngest from his big brother. Boy am I glad I did not say anything like "be nice" or "don't hit" or "gentle". As I watched on anxiously, Jackson took the comb and gently combed his brother's hair :)

I LOVE THAT BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

It melts this Momma's heart as I realize we've only been home, a family, for two weeks and these little guys just know in their hearts that they are brothers, family. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing!!!!

**For those wondering, yes Jackson does hit, scold, wag his finger, and throw things at his all good brothers do :)