Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amazed at the people who have so little that give so much

We received a donation today, a dear brother in Christ who has so little by the worlds standards!  This dear brother has been through so much, we've seen his life change before our eyes....he's someone that most people would/or have written off, but his heart amazes me!  How is it that the "biggest" donations actually do come from the heart?

I've honestly been struggling lately with facebook post of friends who are eagerly awaiting their income tax refund....bragging on what new toy/car/tv/lawn mower/vacation/car audio equipment/...whatever, they are planning on getting.  Many seem somewhat interested and have even asked how they can help....but when it comes to giving up financially....they don't see the needs of these (or any other orphans) as being more important than their need for the next x-box game.  Now even a few years ago, I don't know that I would have either; but after Christ changed my life, I don't see how I couldn't give it all to someone that needs it.....especially these little guys who are considered almost less than human in their society and knowing what they face if they are not adopted before they reach the age for the institutions.

I'm sorry if I seem to be ranting, or if I have offended anyone.  If this is offending, please, pray about it...maybe it is actually convicting you.  We live in such luxury (those here in the US) that we often don't know what it means to "go without" or even being content with what we have.  Living within our means is such an odd concept, even being content with eating what we have in the house (we have been convicted of that recently, and through revelation, we are more thankful for what we have).  We ask that you give what/if God puts on your heart, we can't tell you that you'll get x-times back or lie and tell you God will love you more, or you'll get a better home in Heaven............But I will guarantee that whatever you give, will be a blessing and that through a giving heart, you will see more of the blessings you have been given!

I leave you with a story of a man we know.  We went to a benefit dinner with him, his wife, and about 8 other  friends.  There were about  600 others in attendance for this charity event and this man was asked to make the official request for donations (everyone knew it was coming as this is a long standing annual event).  He got up on stage, said that he had checked his bank account before coming (and asked that someone make sure his wife didn't faint) and simply wrote a check for the entire amount.......which was quite a large amount of money.  To my surprise, I looked at his wife and she was in total admiration of her beloved husband!  It was at that point in my life, I learned what it meant to give everything for Christ.  The amount given that night was amazing, but the hearts that were changed by a true leader will forever impact lives.  And though he gave every penny he had, this man has been blessed in more ways than we could ever know....his blessings were in  his obedience to what God was prompting him to do and the lives he impacted that day.

Be obedient through prayerful insight and you too, will be amazingly blessed!

Thank you,

Joel Golden


  1. I hear you, sister . . . And I totally get your frustration . .

  2. Actually Hope Anne, it was me (Joel) that posted that, not biggie, I just don't post much :) and the frustration is real, but we still try to love through it and pray God changes hearts :)