Friday, February 25, 2011

Raising funds

Fundraising, fundraising, seems like that's all I say anymore!! I'm sure lots of my friends/family think so too ;)  I know some people are getting sick of hearing from me! I would just like to share, though, that while we are asking for help from you, we ourselves are saving every bit we can and adding it to the pot. We've done a yard sale, a couple craft shows, put in all our savings, set aside all our change, and we are working on more fundraisers now. Please know that we appreciate all the funds that have been donated! As well as all the prayers for this whole process! Also know that we are not asking of you anything we are not already doing, and that is sacrificing and giving so these boys won't be orphans any longer.

We also knew going into this that some of our friends and family would not agree with or understand what we are undertaking. That is ok! But we would ask of those that fall into that category to please not hold that against these boys. Orphans, no matter where they were born, deserve a family. So we ask yet again that you would help them come home to their forever family, by donating, praying, and sharing their story with others.

Thank you for all your support!!! I can't wait to share pictures of the boys once they are home!!

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