Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, so I made a little oops with our cute little choo choo train :(  As we committed to the boys and found out more about them and the orphanages they are in, we learned that the process with Jackson's orphanage is a bit longer than Caleb's. No big deal, we'll just plan ahead and make sure we have enough funds raised to get us through those extra weeks. EXCEPT....while I was filling out some applications for grants & loans I realized that I never recalculated the amount on our choo choo train :(   So while we are still VERY excited we hit, and passed, the $11,000 mark in the boys adoption fund, we are not as close to the 1/3 of the total mark. Sigh. So if you look now, the end of the choo choo is no longer $35,000 but $37,500.  So for those of you counting, that makes us $1300 away from having 1/3 the total needed for the boys adoption.

Even though it seems like so much, we know God will provide. We thank those of you who have already let God use you to help bring these boys home. And we pray that those who haven't will please consider doing so. We are so encouraged by all the donations, big or small!!

And we have a new fundraiser starting first thing tomorrow!! Stay tuned for details!!

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