Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm sure some of you are wondering how the process is going, and where we are at in the process. Well, we have our homestudy done, we are just waiting for the final notarized report to be approved and then mailed to us. With this we can send in our USCIS application and apply for some grants and loans. Please pray that the homestudy report gets mailed in the next couple of days and that USCIS approval comes quickly. If it doesn't, we are in danger of some of our documents expiring before they make it over to EE :(  As for all the documents we are collecting, we are almost done!!! We have to get a couple medical forms redone, a letter from our accountant, and maybe one other small thing :) This is so exciting!!!! After we get them all collected, and then approved, we take them to the county clerk to have them certified, and then to Nashville to be apostilled. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking of all the running around!

So once we get these last couple of documents and have our USCIS application send off, we begin the waiting game :)  And of course, do more fundraising. I can't imagine having everything else done and approved, yet not being able to go get these little guys because the funds are not available. So beware, once we are done chasing paperwork we will be shamelessly fundraising for these boys!!

As a matter of fact, I'll just put a plug in now! You can help bring these boys home to their forever family by donating, tax-deductible, to our family page at You can also send a check in to Reece's Rainbow, with "for the Golden family" on your check, so RR won't be charged any PayPal fees. The address to send it to is listed on the side of our blog. Thank you!!

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