Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving up! A World Wide $5 Orphan Project

We Need You To Donate $5!

$26,000 is a lot of money!  I know what you are thinking, "'re crazy!", and you're right!  When you see $26,000;  you think the price of a new car, a good start to a nest egg, a good down payment on the average house, your kids college or something to that effect. But I, being the math whiz I am, did the math for you :)

What could $26,000 buy?
52,000 Hershey Bars (2 for $1 now at Walmart) Yummy!
26,000 McDoubles (an artery just closed down thinking about it)
17,000 20oz sodas from a gas station
6190 stops at Starbucks (their average ticket sale is about $4.20) I got a buzz from writing that!!!!
3600 lunches not off the dollar menu
2 chances for these boys to have a family

What would I have to give up?
1 lunch out
1 stop at Starbucks and a Hershey bar
4 stops to get a 20oz soda from the Kwiki Mart
1 pack of cigarettes
2/3 of a 12 pack of beer
2 McDoubles and 3 shots of Pepto
Subway....think $5 toward the boys

How this works is simple, $26,000 is impossible for most people to give....but $5 really does make a huge impact from a large number of people!  We need 5000 people to donate $5 each, and that is where you come in.  Since we don't know 5000 people, we are asking you (the reader of this masterfully crafted blog post...see, almost $5 worth of entertainment right there),  to donate $5 then ask all your friends to donate $5 too!  They don't even have to be friends, especially if you are intimidating or don't do your hair that day!

We have had roughly 5000 people visit the blog over the past few months, seeing a huge number for the total amount we need to raise.  I can't tell you the number of people who have said "I just wish I could give something" but they don't give anything.  I think it might be embarrassment, or just a simple lack of understanding to think how far a small gift can go.  If everyone who has visited the blog simply give $5, we would almost be at our goal.  If everyone packed a lunch for a day, or bought a 12 pack of soda and didn't get one at the gas station for a week, or skipped Starbucks for a day, or bought one less pack of cigarettes in a week, or even took their teenager and shook them upside down for a few minutes....I bet $5 of change would fall out of their pockets, or their ipod(ok, maybe not but it would be fun to watch....and a mess to clean up), or even hold their ipod ransom...they'll find $5!

What we are asking for is $5 donations.  That's right, just a piece of paper with Abe Lincoln's face on it or a credit card donation for $5 (or more if you have it).  After you give, we ask that you go and shake down some friends, coworkers, fellow students, PTA members, NRA members (not if they are packin'), drinking buddies, March Madness bracket buddies,  facebook friends.....and share our story, then ask them to donate $5 too!  We are also looking for people willing to go out and pledge their time to collect at malls, churches, intersections, banks, local business, etc....  We need help people, and we need it soon!

Click on the Chip in Link below to donate!  (and remember it is tax deductible)

Donate now, and after you shake down your often as you like!

Thank you again for helping these two little fellas,

Joel Golden

If the chip-in above is not working you can make your tax-deductible donation at  Just email us with your name and donation amount so you can be entered into the $50 gift card giveaway!! Thank you so very much!!


  1. You guys are amazing... you will get there; I just know it.

  2. We made a donation. We remember well how it felt to know that if people would give JUST $5, the amount of money needed to fully fund our adoption would be met so easily. It made us sad to realize how many people were unwilling to give up a trip through the drive-thru or a movie or a new toy or some other frivolous thing in order to contribute to saving the life of a child. We knew that once we got our girls home, we wanted to help others to get their children home, as well, and we feel privileged that we can do so.

    We are happy to know you are not releasing one of your children just because the dollar amount raised isn't where someone thinks it ought to be at this moment in time. We still needed $8,000 when we got our SDA appointment date & you know what? God provided MORE than we needed in less than 2 weeks! You *will* have what you need just when you need it. Do not lose faith that what God called you to, He will enable you to do. His timing is perfect & He will provide every penny you need to get your boys.

    With our prayers,
    Charley & Kate Parker & our children: Megan, Adam, Emily, David, Sarah, Isaac, Joshua, Bethany & Hannah