Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Reality of the Situation: Yes, your $5 will help! Please Donate

What you see, is real!  This photo was not taken in an autopsy room, or on the set of a new horror flick...this photo was taken just after custody...from a fellow Reeces Rainbow family that just flew home from an Eastern European country!  This really happens, and it is not uncommon in some areas...not all children are seen as equal, or even people for that matter!

Behind the puggy little cheeks was a frightening scene!  3yrs old, 11 pounds...body in total shut down!

How can you stop it?  Support those who are adopting, parental education, those who support the orphanages...or for a few, Adoption is the right answer!  We have chose adoption, and we desperately need your help!  We are simply asking for $5 from you...that's all, that's it!  And it would be awesome if you spread the word.

You can donate through the "chipin" box if you want a chance to win a $50 gift card for each donation, or for posting this fund raising challenge (chipin simply goes through paypal and tracks the progress for others to see, it is very safe and secure) or you can go our page at Reece's Rainbow by clicking here (that too goes through paypal but please specify "Golden Family")

please pray for baby Carrington and her new family, she was literally only a day away from death, her body in total shut down...there is a little bit of progress, as of today but she is a long way from safe!

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