Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random People and what is your calling?

I just wanted to say hello to the new people that I have been running into lately!  I know why God has given me this part time job with Scotts, it is to meet all these new people he is putting before me.  I have been praying a lot lately and feel that God will be providing through an awakening of His church.

We are commanded to take care of the widows and orphans, and that doing so is pure religion.  So, what does pure religion mean?  Simply doing as our Father in Heaven does, becoming our Father by adopting us into His glorious family.  Making sure that the widows and orphans are taken care of, first in their physical needs (food, clothing, shelter), second in their emotional needs (love, companionship, friendship), third in their spiritual needs (teaching them the Gospel, introducing them to the creator, sustainer, redeemer, and savior of the world....Jesus!)

Some are called to adopt, some are called to visit, some are called to provide financing to make the others able to do their calling.  We, like so many others adopting, are counting on those who can do the financing to help us out.  To those who have donated, and those who will donate....Thank you!

OH BOY!!!!!  Chipin ended a day early for the drawing....please donate directly to our family sponsor page (it goes through paypal) at ...Last day to enter to win!


  1. Hi Joel and Rachel, I just donated through the chip in. I have been a lurker for a while. I fell in love whith Sabastian now caleb. I am so glad he found a home. Right now my husband and I dont have the funds to adopt but hope to in the future. I cant wait to see both little cuties in there new home!!

  2. Hello Nelly (by the way, very special name to me...that was my great grandma's name, such a sweet woman), we wanted to say thank you! We might have noticed a problem with chipin too...we are not showing anything new in there today. Please check it over, if there was a problem we need to let chipin know and get it fixed (just drop us an email at Thanks again and God bless!