Friday, November 25, 2011

Boys First Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the boys first Thanksgiving. Obviously it meant way more to us than it did them. To them, it was a special day because daddy was home to play with them. :)  For me, it was the same...until we sat down for our Thanksgiving dinner. As we sat around our little table, a family of four, thanking God for all He has blessed us with, it really hit me. I have no words to describe the thoughts and emotions running through me at that moment. The tears threatened to spill over, but for what specific reason I could not tell you. Last year at this time we were just beginning our journey to our boys, they were just a thought. We dreamed about the next year when they would be with us, but really it was just that, a far off dream. We had no idea, really, who we were bringing home. Yes we had pictures to look at, but, as we found out, those are never a 100% sure thing. And even if they were, we didn't know their personalities. We dreamed, but could not truly imagine, what it would be like having them here with us. Then the day was suddenly here, and we've been so caught up in just living that I don't think it really hit either of us right away. The boys are here. They are having their first Thanksgiving with their family. They sat at our table and ate turkey with us. There are NO WORDS to describe that feeling. All I can do is fall to my knees and praise God. He knew what this day would be like, He knew that it would take me by surprise. He knew. He chose to bless us with these two very special little boys, as unworthy as we are. I am humbled. How amazing that one year later, we know these boys, we know now what it is like having them here in our family. We know that they LOVE turkey dinner. We know that they don't care about football. We know that they don't like their "normal" to be disrupted. We know that they love each other. We know that they don't like to sit still for pictures...EVER! :) We know that they are the biggest blessings God has ever bestowed upon us. Thank you Lord! And thank you to all of you who helped bring them home!

 My boys :)
 Apparently the boys have had too much turkey to smile.
Going in for a kiss :) 

 Doesn't that face just make you want to smile? 
 Waiting for the turkey dinner they keep talking about....
 Tired of waiting.

 Maybe if I lay down right beside my high chair they'll quit talking about the turkey dinner and just feed me already!
 I think Jackson is telling Josiah to just smile so these weird people will let us eat all the food in front of us.
 A very full plate.
 Josiah even had all the fixins, just a little different texture ;)
 My boys! Got two of them to look.
 Okay, still two looking but just a different two!
 Wiping his mouth at the end of the meal...notice the plate now.
 Licking every last drop off the fork.
 And now the plate.
 Does he look full to you?
 Sitting on the floor because we're too stuffed to do anything else. :)

 Brothers :)
 Anyone else notice a smirk on Josiah's face?
Our two beautiful blessings!

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