Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hard to believe sometimes that is was just 4 months ago that these two had no idea what it meant to be brothers. They had only seen each other a couple times, and only briefly.
As you can see from the top picture, Josiah has wasted no time in becoming a true younger brother. :) And Jackson has become such a great big brother! He is always trying to do for Josiah what Joel and I do. I love to watch Jackson teach Josiah sign language!! And I love how he gets so frustrated when Josiah keeps throwing his pacy while he's in his walker. Josiah knows that Jackson will pick it up for him, and he does, every time. But around time 2 or 3 he starts getting frustrated and he lets Josiah know it!

I am so thankful we were obedient when God told us to go. I am so thankful we were obedient and brought home 2 little boys. Yes, it is harder at times. But when I watch them play together, laughing and loving one another, it is all more than worth it. There are times when I can tell Jackson is bored of playing with me, and isn't really interested in playing by himself, but as soon as brother comes downstairs from nap, well, it's like he was just waiting for that moment. :)

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  1. They are so cute!! They were meant to be brothers!