Thursday, November 3, 2011

Praises and prayers

We tried getting both boys looking at the camera by saying "look at Aunt Melinda" who had the camera. So Jackson signed "aunt". :) lol
Apparently the boy is happy about beet soup!

 Poor little guy was so tired. A long day of meeting grandparents can do that to a little fella.

Just sitting there looking cute! And playing with his feet. If his feet are bare, he is playing with them! lol

Quite pathetic right? This is when he realized I was telling the truth about the juice being all gone.

 This is him protesting when I first told him it was all gone. :)

In this photo Jackson was looking at me instead of the camera and Josiah is trying to sneak in a kick to great-grandpa's head. I now understand all my friends family photos. :)

This was our little cutie on the hotel bed. (We had car trouble and had to stay in a hotel one night on the way up.) Both boys just loved the feel and sound of the "crinkley" blanket on the bed! This is where they played the whole time we were there. If only it had been as comfortable to sleep in.....

 Wearing Uncle Mike's hat and signing "momma"!! My smart little man!
 And again! Of course, shortly after this he started signing "daddy" and "momma" was forgotten.
 No words needed. :)
 Pillow fight with Aunt Melinda!
 Again, no words.
 And here is the first picture in the "juice saga". Here, there is still juice. :)

Okay, now that we have that out of the way! ;)

As the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has started back up, it is hard for me to keep from thinking about last year at this time. Last year we had committed to one little boy and were praying about a second little boy. Because we didn't commit until after the Angel Tree had started, little Jackson was on there. I still remember looking at all those faces needing families as I would scroll down to see if Jackson had any more donations or not. And then I started looking to see if certain faces that always caught my eye had any new donations.
It is amazing to me when I think that this year, Jackson is not only no longer on the Angel Tree, he is IN MY HOUSE!!! He lives under the same roof as me!! He is no longer a picture on the computer, he is my son. It is quite difficult to really wrap my head around that! So we are praising God for His mighty work in our lives and for all He has done for these boys of ours.
This doesn't mean, however, that we forget about all those left behind. Some we've met, some we've caught glimpses of, and others we only know by their RR picture. But we've been there, we know, we cannot forget. So this year, I am not looking to see if "our" child has any more donations, I am looking to see how many have found their families during this time. Now I look to see if the other children in the boys' orphanage have donations or families. I pray that more donations than ever before are made during this Angel Tree season. I pray that more children than ever have families commit to them. I pray for these dear children.

And because I know personally how much every dollar in a child's grant counts, I have started selling Thirty-One products to help orphans. For all parties/orders, I will be donating all of my commission (25%) to an orphans grant or an adopting family. In fact I have my first fundraiser going now. Between November 1 and December 10 I will be hosting 2 different parties (because of how the specials are scheduled) and my commission from both will be going to Andy from China, whom my sister-in-law is Christmas warrior for. You can find out more about the different fundraisers she has going on her blog,

As for the Thirty-one fundraiser, you can order online at and click on "my events". For those ordering $75 or more of product, your name will be entered into a drawing for some hostess rewards. The larger the party the more names drawn! Also, anyone getting $200 or more in product orders from friends/family will also get their name in the drawing. If ordering online, please email me the names so I can make sure you get your name entered!
Anyone wanting a catalog can email me your address and I'll get it mailed out to you. And you can always email me with any questions.
Please take a minute to take a look, there are great specials going on over the next couple of months. Great gift ideas!!!

Thank you!!


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  2. Just wanted to say "Hi" from After the Rainbow. If you need anything or just want to talk to other families who have "been there", please don't hesitate to contact me or to post on the After the Rainbow Yahoo Group (shoot me an email if you're not a member yet).

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry