Monday, April 4, 2011

Ever felt like you got hit by a train?

Adoption is a spiritual battle!  God is pro-adoption...thus satan is anti-adoption (in any way possible).  We have been in a spiritual battle since the start of this process, and I only hope that people see the love of God through our actions and reactions.  We are trying so hard to stay faithful, in the puny sense we know it, and trusting God will stay faithful to us in this process.  Today we were hit with something I hope none of you ever has to go through...and quite honestly, it is still sinking in....and we are praising Him!

As we finished the last of our paperwork for our dossier today (all the paperwork going to the legal system in the boys country), we were fired up...being almost done with 6 months of paper chasing!  See, this process is very complicated.  Starting with a simple document, and having it notarized, then going to the county to have the notary certified, then going to the state to have the county certification of the certification of the guy who notarized your document..well certified!  Add to the mix, this has to be done for all kinds of things in 6 different counties for us and it equals mass insanity if something is even slightly off.

With what, we thought, was our last pieces of paperwork done...we were a half hour from home on our 230 mile journey to 3 different counties and the secretary of state and we got hit with a spiritual punch that I never saw coming.  Rachel noticed that everyone was out of their offices in a small town we were driving through and looking to the storm rolling in from the west.  As we turned the corner, we saw why!  There was a very dark set of clouds flying low and quick, and in different directions.  We came to a corner and from out of no where the stop lights were dancing to a rhythm of something we had never seen, none were going the same way and none were hanging anywhere close to vertical, except one and it was pointed up!

As we turned the corner, the car was being blown all over the road and I pulled into the 3rd driveway on the right.  Thankfully, it dropped down about 5-6 ft and we started praying.  This tornado went directly over us, lifting the car to the point we thought we would become airborne at any second.  The 6x8 privacy fence in front of us snapped the 4x4 posts and flew off, the shingles on the roof of the house in front of us were being sucked straight up and the pulsing of the tornadic suction rocked the car in a way I never want to experience againg, with a surging pulse and noise never before heard by either of us.

I grabbed Rachel's hand and asked God to place his hand of protection on us...and He did!  See, when you are doing God's will, going forth with the example He set in adopting us and in accordance to doing what He called you to do....Hell's fury can do nothing against you!  I was reminded of this throughout the time the car was being buffeted, reminded by the wise words of my wife.  She had stated days prior, that she felt God was protecting us because He has plans on us being the parents of these two little boys...and satan is no match for God's plans!

So, tonight we rejoice in another confirmation that we are on the right path.  We rejoice that we get another chance to share and boast in how amazing God is, how much He loves each and every single one of us, to the point that He has already paid for all of our becoming the sacrifice of each and all.  If you don't know this love, I want to pray that you will know it some day.  Search Him, and He will reveal Himself to you!

In Christ,

Joel Golden


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I saw your fb comment but had no idea it was this up close and personal! So glad God protected you and your precious documents. What an amazing testimony to what he 's doing in your lives and your little boys'!

  2. This is an amazing testimony of the Lord's strength and protection. Funny how much Satan will try to diverge your path... he knows he will never win! Love you guys!