Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer is a mighty sword!

These are the words a dear friend put in a comment on a previous post. To be honest I had not given those last couple paragraphs another thought, but I am so glad she did!!! At the time we were a little bummed we weren't submitted last Thursday, but knew it was God's timing. At that time we also still needed to raise $21,500 to bring the boys home. In the previous post I commented that wouldn't it be awesome if by this Thursday (when we are hoping to be submitted) if we could have half of that $21,500 raised. And I asked you all to pray with us for the funds needed.

Well, guess what? GOD PROVIDED!!!! He is so awesome!! And yes, Shelly, prayer is a mighty sword!! It is only Tuesday and we are already down to needing only $11,000!!!

Thank you Lord!!! And thank you to all who are praying!! God DOES answer prayer!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing that we need others to help us remember how God answers prayer....Thanks Shelly

  2. I just thought it was so cool that it was only the next day or so your prayer was answered... now wouldn't it be neat if we could get the remaining half for you by the time you get your SDA appt date?! :) Let us PRAY!