Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Fundraiser Alert!

Do you watch movies, Listen to music, have high speed internet? If so, you need this amazing little black box! This is an amazing little thing that lets you stream hulu, netflix, pandora and more to your TV! No more calling everyone over to huddle around the it on the big screen or blast it through your sound system! (click here to check out their website) This is the Roku HD that is up for giveaway!

But wait, there's more! Are you tired of the hassle of trying to catch that movie at the theater, sick of not being able to eat a thick, grilled steak and enjoy that glass of wine while watching that movie at the theater! Fire up the grill, get the cork screw and let the spouse know tonights date includes dinner, movie and some dancing (courtesy of Pandora internet radio)...all in the privacy of your own home...and if you dance like me, that's a bonus all in itself!

Still unsure if you want a magic black box? Well, good news! We are giving one away, and you could win it! The person donating this is also throwing in two free months of Netflix, so you can watch endless movies and old tv shows on your magic black box!!!! Entries for the drawing are earned by donating to our Roku Chipin box. These donations are tax deductable and chipin just directs you to reecesrainbows paypal account (just make sure to put "Goldens" in the paypal instructions). Here's how to win!

1 entry per dollar donated with a bonus offered at:
$21 = 40 entries
$42 =90 entries
$63 = 150 entries
$84= 210 entries
$105=300 entries
$210=1000 entries
$1000=6000 entries
$2100=15,000 entries
and if you felt led to donate the remaining $10,000 you automaticly win one and we will even upgrade it for you :)

please remember I will be cutting out these entries so I would encourage you donating the full $10,000 so the boys dad doesn't go to visit with some kind of perminant scissor hand ailment or something...but I am willing to risk all kinds of papercuts for these little guys, so donate what you can. We thank each and every one of you! Please spread it around on social networking sites, chat groups, email lists, friends and family...

Thanks again,



  1. Oooo, we've been wanting one of these! : ) Gotta go for the bonus. 40 entries for the Ristow6 please. (I saw your post on the RR yahoo group.)
    Too bad we don't live close. Our 3 boys love scissors. : D Praying those sweet boys home!
    Mike & Angie R.

  2. forgot about the boy thing for a bit...Rachel is in for a surprise! Yep, scissors, knives, sticks, snakes, lizzards, bugs.......oh, the joys of boys!

  3. I'll take 300 please!

    Gretchen Thibault

  4. Thank you guys so much! The our sister in law is donating this and I want her to be blessed as much as possible by her gift (she's already done so much for these little guys, like the valentines fundraiser and personal donations) If she wasn't a saint already...I'd put her in for sainthood!