Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just waiting!

So, it's Thursday morning. A day after some very heavy rains (8") and some amazingly strong storms rolled through. And....well, I'm thinking about the boys. What we would be doing this morning if they were here. Chances are we would be out in the woods looking at the waterfalls that come from all the wet weather springs, probably picking flowers for mom, and watching their favorite 3 legged dog try her best to catch that rabbit. Early morning walks with dad into the Tennessee country side before the world gets up and going. They are going to love it here! I can't wait!

So, for now....I'll just sip on some coffee while Rachel sleeps in (I thought I would let her get a few more days of that, since it won't happen too much more), letting all of you into the mind of a soon to be dad.

Please pray, there were a lot of people effected by these storms. Pray first for those who don't know Christ, then for the recovery. Unfortunately, God has to use some pretty powerful tools to get people to turn to Him. What we see as a disaster, can often bring people out of situations that were leading to an everlasting disaster. Christians that in the midst of that need to remember that God is in control of it all, and they are put their for a reach out and help and in doing so show God's grace, love and kindness no matter what their personal tragedies are. Our prayers are with those who have gone through the tornadoes...

In Christ,


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  1. You are going to be an amazing daddy. I can't wait to see you both with your boys :) Hugs!