Sunday, April 24, 2011

HELP NEEDED ASAP!!!!! (....Is God calling you?)

God's gotta help me with this one so, here goes! Now that we have been submitted, we are expecting to travel in the next 4-6 weeks. That being said, we need help! We are still about $10,000 shy of the $37,500 needed to be fully funded and God keeps telling us to put it in His hands. I keep asking for clarity on that and I believe what He is telling me to do is to trust Him (which I am learning everyday of this process) and that He has some very special people out there who are going to do this for us....With His help! What I am asking is that you pray, ask God if you are one of those people, one who He is calling to advocate for His children.

  • Are you willing to spend the next few weeks, asking friends, family, local businesses, local churches to help?

  • Are you one He is calling to stand out in public and ask others for money?

  • Are you one God is calling to give up a portion of what He has provided you with in savings, to bring these little guys home?

  • Are you one God is calling to sponsor a community yard sale with proceeds going to help these little guys out?

  • Is God calling on you to do a baked goods drive, a special mother's day dinner, or a car wash for these little fellas.


This is hard for a man to write, see... beneath the strong man appearance, there is blubbering fool who is learning how to be humble, how to cry and how to ask for help when he knows he can't do it. It's not easy, I've always been able to "get-er-done" with hard work, selfish ambition and a certain recklessness....God is telling me I can't this time! I can't be in control...I have to let others step up, so they can have an opportunity to gloriy Him by doing what God has given them the talent or resources to do. So, I ask humbly...please pray and ask if God wants you to step up for these guys (and me).

Either way, rejoice...for He has gone all out for you! (and that is what we are celebrating today)

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