Monday, April 11, 2011

A weekend full of excitement!!!

Our weekend started on Friday as we headed up to MI for a benefit for the boys. Some wonderful friends that happen to own a fabulous coffee shop put this whole thing together to help raise fund for the boys, how awesome is that! Well, after the long drive up there, as we were hanging out with family, we discovered that our dossiers had made it to their destination!! Woohoo! They were not scheduled to arrive until Monday, but they made it there Friday! A great start to the weekend :)
Then on Saturday, the day of the benefit, we discovered that some wonderful ladies from the church we attended in MI donated several baked goods for the benefit that night. We also had people donate items for a silent auction and a craft sale. We were overwhelmed by the love pouring forth for these boys. So Saturday night comes and so do the people! :) We were blessed to have friends and family we haven't seen in many years come to support us. We had a wonderful time!! And the Lord blessed us with $1451 towards the adoption!! Thank you Rodney and Mindy!! And thank you to everyone who had a part in that! We feel so loved!
Then on Sunday we attend our MI church and are blessed again to find out that the offering they had taken up the previous week for the boys was around $500, but that they were taking another special offering that day for the adoption as well!! The love we felt was overwhelming and such a blessing! Thank you so much to our Shiloh family!!!
We also left MI with 2 double strollers, 2 car seats, and many clothes donated to our boys!

It is now Monday and we are already back home. We still have some crafts leftover from our sale that we are hoping to get posted on here for sale very soon. So please check back, and check under our fundraiser tab.

Once again, thank you to all!!!! What an amazing blessing!

****As I typed this, Joel had taken our little beagle dog up to the vet as it appeared she had a broken leg. Well, she does, and as I write about our exciting weekend, our poor dog is at the vet awaiting to have her leg amputated. So the excitement continues. Good news is that she'll be all healed and ready to play by the time the boys come home!

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  1. Oh wow! I didn't know about the strollers and car seats... guess I need to read your blog more often. That is awesome!