Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prayers for the St. Clair family

On the right side of our blog, towards the bottom, there is a button for helping Riley get home. The St. Clair family committed to this sweet little boy and have spent the last few months getting all their ducks in a row so they could go rescue this precious orphan.

Then it happened, something all of us know could happen but painful nonetheless. They found out that little Riley is no longer available for adoption. The good news is that his family stepped up and he is in foster care with them. The bad news is that the St. Clair's have lost their son. Yes, he is their son, to them. You see, spending all these months focused on getting a certain child or children home you fall in love. In your heart, they are already yours and you love them fully. So please pray for this family as they grieve the loss of this son, and ask God to show them His plan.

Please pray for all the families currently in the adoption process, for strength, encouragement, endurance, patience, and finances. Pray for those mama's hearts as they wade through all the paperwork trying to get to their little one(s).

Please pray.