Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daddy made it!! Yay!

Daddy's back!! Yippee! Joel got in yesterday evening and we headed right out the door for the orphanage. He got time with both of his little guys :)
We'll visit again tonight, but probably not Josiah as he seems to have a cold and is just not feeling well. We'll give him a couple days to get better so we don't spread whatever it is he has to the other kids in the orphanage.
And then tomorrow comes!! We have court tomorrow at 2pm!! Can't wait! Then the countdown begins!! I am really excited to bring my boys out of the orphanage to stay with me, but I am a little sad at the thought of leaving this place. I truly enjoy it here and hope to return soon.

Here are some pictures from daddy's visit, which is what you've really been waiting for anyway ;)


  1. Your sons get cuter every day! Glad your husband is there with you and the kids :) Praying for court!

  2. May God be with you in court and grant you success. Your sons are so cute.
    Joy, RR

  3. You guys are wonderful parents, and I'm so happy to see you ball together again! I love your little family!