Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day two

We have a climber!!!! Jackson is a little monkey!! And boy is he limber :) And strong! Daddy had him by a tree and he reached up, grabbed the limb above his head and started doing pull-ups!!!

He also loves Lecrae (Christian rapper). He was jamming to some Lecrae songs Joel had on his phone!! Every time I tried to get a video, though, he'd stop! But that boy has some moves!! (some good, some....well....weird! lol) We have also come to the conclusion that he needs a little drum set. And some other musical toys/instruments. Yes, Aunt Heather, you were right. I do believe the saying goes, "never say never".........
And even though he was bonding with daddy while jamming to Lecrae, he did say "mama" today!! Woohoo!! And when we went to go get him, he came to us with his arms held up! So sweet!

We got time with the little guy today too. He was sleeping when we went this morning so we went back after lunch. They brought him out in a stroller and he gave a little smile. But shortly after we picked him up and were holding him and playing with him, he got really fussy. No loud crying, just really big tears, one running down each cheek :(  Broke my heart. So I held him close and tried to comfort him. That seemed to do the trick. Then a few minutes later he was fast asleep. So sweet!!! Can't wait to go back and love on him some more!!!!!

Now for what you've really been waiting for :)


  1. I love your post and your pictures! Your babies are so cute! I'm glad everything is going well, I keep you in my prayers.

  2. Yayyy...Just Precious, Praise God!!!

  3. Oh my your little guys are Adorable! I'm so happy for you all