Monday, June 6, 2011

Today (I mean yesterday) :)

What a great visit with the boys!!! I got Jackson first and played with just him for a bit. But he just wanted to be held. Whenever I’d put him down to play on anything or to just walk around he would just look up at me and hold his arms out. As soon as I’d pick him up he’d snuggle right in. LOVED IT!!! J  He wasn’t just wanting to cuddle though, he wanted to play, as long as it was on my lap or beside me on the bench or standing between my legs. He had to be touching me. We walked around a bit, with me holding him of course, and I started humming to him. He LOVES music so I thought he would enjoy this. He did. He started laughing!!! LOL Something about me humming just struck him as hilarious. I also got him snorting again today. I’m chuckling to myself now thinking of how cute he is snorting when he laughs.

After about 45 minutes I went and got Josiah too. Boy was that a little crazy. Jackson didn’t want to be put down and then they brought out Josiah and handed him to me. The nanny must’ve seen my plea for help written on my face because she made the motion of pushing a stroller with a questioning look on her face. I only nodded my head, but it was an emphatic nod!! What was really sweet though was that Jackson wanted to push the stroller with me J  It was hard for him because the handle was too high so I picked him up once again and he helped me push that way. He did great….until he ran his brother into a curb, making him slide down through the spot his legs go! Yikes, I’m learning really quick how to handle two kids at once with one being mobile!! LOL

Since Jackson didn’t want to walk or play, just sit with me and interact directly with me, Josiah just hung out in the stroller watching us. He LOVED the toy I brought for him, yay! And we talked with him and sang to him also. But I wanted a little one on one time with the little guy so as Jackson’s group headed inside for the night I just took him over to go in with them. Then I spent the next 20 minutes or so just holding my little guy, talking with him and singing to him. He just kept studying me for the longest time. Then he snuggled in. Ahhhhhh, what a feeling!

It was a really good visit today, but I think tomorrow I will have separate visits with each of them J

For all you Mentos lovers out there, I found watermelon Mentos!!!  And actually, they aren’t all that bad! I am loving trying new things here, especially these chocolate bars with some kind of strawberry cream cheese filling! J

We moved apartments today also, into something much smaller, but MUCH closer to the orphanage. It is wonderful! Except we don’t have internet yet so this post might not make it to the blog for a couple days. Hopefully we will have it tomorrow (Monday) so I can post this. Oh, and hopefully tomorrow we will run into the Whites at the orphanage!!!!!

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