Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's our turn!!!

So I've just realized that it is now our turn :) For months as I've gone through this process I've read blog posts about families going through this process. How they got here and had their SDA appointment, met Serge and Yulia, met other families for dinner, took showers with no shower curtain, the quirks of their apartments, etc. Well, now it's our turn. It's a little surreal that now I am actually experiencing those things myself!! We've met Serge and Yulia, we've had our SDA appointment (where we actually never got asked any questions!!), I've taken the shower with no curtain (and got everything wet!), I'm learning to buy stuff when I'm not exactly sure what it is (poor Joel has been surprised with chicken a couple times!), we met other families for dinner. It was so cool to realize that we were one of the families in the pictures that are showing up on blogs now!!! For so long I've dreamed of this time happening, when we'd get here and meet the boys and get them home. Now that it's here I can't even describe how it feels. Even though you've read all the blogs about what it's like, it's nothing like experiencing it yourself!!

Right now we are just enjoying our time here, especially the grocery shopping/cooking!! Because just because something looks like something on the package, doesn't mean that's what it really is!! LOL  I am just sorry that Joel has to go home in a couple of days so he won't be able to experience as much. And I am so thankful that the Lord has placed the Ray's here with me so I have someone to experience this with!! :)


  1. Joel and Rachel, we can't wait to see you with your sweeties! I'll send photos this afternoon. can't wait to get back to the orphanage and hug Ethan.Praying for you.

  2. Rachel and Joel, so excited for you to meet those beautiful baby boys!! I am praying for you all and can't wait to see some pictures. If you get the chance... whisper into our sweet Olivia's ear that we love her and that we will be there very soon!