Sunday, June 19, 2011

I apologize for the lack of blog posts, and more importantly pictures, the last few days. I moved apartments and do not have internet where I am now. So when I do get to a place with wifi I spend it catching up on emails to those at home holding down the fort, and of course chatting with Joel J
I have still been visiting the boys. And, wow, are they cuties!!! The seem to be growing and learning so much, but I know that most of it is just that they have skills I haven’t seen yet. Josiah, though, is so cute how he is so into his hands and feet! And Jackson is getting so good at “gentle” (meaning, NOT clobbering mama upside the head, but instead gently touching my cheek, lol). And he shows me new skills every time he is given a chance. We now realize that he is going to need not only a soccer ball at home, but a tricycle. It amazes me how quickly they both pick up on something also! And as far as communication, well, Jackson already says ball, and tries to say gentle. And Josiah already understands when I ask him where his hands are! He will hold them up and look at them! So stinkin cute!!!!

I know there is a serious lack of pictures, but it has been very hard to get some while spending the time playing and interacting with the boys, especially Jackson. Every time I pull out the camera he either sits down for a cookie (since he knows they are in the bag) or he comes to me with his arms out to be held. Cute, but not very helpful in getting pictures J  Hopefully though, this little problem will be a problem no more. A friend from home is flying in tonight to stay with me until next week when Joel flies back. I am hoping she won’t mind being a photographer while here.

So besides visiting the boys, I’ve just been enjoying soaking in the culture here. And trying new food! So far, I am loving it here. Especially the little coffee shop down the street where I use the wifi! They have some very yummy cheese cake and other deserts! And their cappuccino isn’t so bad either J I’ve also spent the last couple of days with Lindy House. They just adopted two sweet little boys who I had the pleasure of meeting. They leave tomorrow for home, but it was such a blessing to be able to spend time with her, getting to know her better and meeting her little ones before they left. I also got to meet the Cox’s little girl. So beautiful!!! I consider myself so blessed to have met 3 orphans no more!!

Well, that’s what has been going on here. Still waiting for a court date, but hoping it will be next week some time. And very much looking forward to my husband joining me here and getting to know his boys! 

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