Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday visits, and a surprise

Visited the boys today and it was wonderful! Jackson is calming down and hitting me less (yay!!) and I've discovered that he drinks very well out of a sports water bottle. Just don't leave it open if he can get to it because he does know that if he swings it around squeezing it that it will spray. Not sure how he knew, but he did! Good thing mama thought ahead and had it closed while he was showing off his knowledge :)

Josiah is a wonderful baby! When they brought him out to me today he gave that little smile that he does and reached right for me, placing his hands very gently on my cheeks! Even his caregiver gave a smile at how cute it was. And when the director came by and was talking to him saying mama, he turned and looked right at me. That little munchkin knows who I am! Love it!!

And the surprise today.....when I went back for my visit with Josiah, there were people all over. They were sanding and painting the cribs and wooden buildings the kids play in, and the benches and the bridges. It was awesome!!! I was just thinking the other day as Jackson slid down the ramp of the bridge like it was a slide that, oh boy, he's going to end up with a splinter or two!! But now he won't!

And now for the pictures :)

 In this picture, he was reaching for me to hold him. Every time I would get the camera out for pictures he would do this :)
 Painting the bridge that Jackson loves to play ball on!
 One of the finished cribs.
Sanding the crib that Jackson's groupa uses. (this guy thought I was a little crazy when I asked if he minded if I took his picture :)  lol)

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