Monday, May 2, 2011

And the winner is....

Mike and Angie Ristow!!!!! Congrats you have just won the Roku with the 2 months of Netflix!!! Thank you so much for you donation to the boys fund. I hope you enjoy you prize!!

Please just send us an email with your address. I will pass that info along to our sister-in-law who is donating the Roku so she can get that to you! And to save Joel's hands, we used instead of paper and scissors! lol

Thank you to everyone who donated and shared about our give away! And thank you very much for all the prayers! We are hoping to receive our appointment date later this week and will hopefully be traveling this month. We are still short about $9300 so even though there is no give away, please share about our boys and pray for these funds to come in so we can go get them both!!!

Thank you!


  1. NO WAY!!! We never win anything! lol! I woke up to this great surprise and a Bible verse plaque we were gifted on another RR blog. Woohoo! Our boys will be thrilled! : D I'll send you an email w/ our address. I'm still in shock. Haha! So glad you didn't have to cut all the entries out yourself and risk a hand injury. ; )
    Angie R.

  2. It was all because of your servant heart in wanting to help with the paper cutting :) Thank you for the donation and a special thanks to our Sister Melinda who donated the Roku, What a neat fundraiser and we are over $500 closer to getting our boys home!!!!!

  3. Yes, THANK YOU Melinda! That was a cool fundraiser!

    Joel & Rachel-How long will your craft store be open. I HAVE to buy one of those name puzzles for our daughter. (Her brothers all have one and they love them.) I need to wait a couple weeks before I buy one though. Also, what is the max amount of letters that fit on the puzzle? Penelope might be too long. Thanks again! Angie

  4. The craft store will be open for a while yet. At least until we bring the boys home. And I will ask on the puzzles :)

  5. Congrats Ristow fam, and thank you so much for your generous donations everyone! I'll get the Roku & Netflix out within the next week or so. Sorry for the delay, I'm sure you're eager to try it out! :)