Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a night! 3 huge blessings!

1: Encouraged by meeting a new member of our jr/sr high awana, who has down syndrome and has shown me what amazing young men our boys can be.

2: We are watching a friends 4 yr old girl while her mom takes care of her sick baby, which means a night of Rachel and her giggling, drinking hot chocolate and eating Joel's special popcorn made in the cast iron pan (note, hot chocolate after 9pm= crazy hyper kid)

3: an email directing us to our family sponsor page telling us of a donation. Rachel called me over to look at this email (I could see she was crying, didn't want to see something sad, but looked anyway), we clicked on the link and it took me a second to realize why my wife was teared up....then we started bawlin and praising God!!!!!!!!!

Someone Donated $5000 to our family sponsor page!

That means we need just over $4000 to be fully funded!  We can't stop praising Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

notice how you have to move the page over to see the train!  How cool is that?  So thankful!!!!!!!!  Whoever did it....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thought it was cool about the new Awana young man with DS :)

    Way super cool for the donation! That is so awesome!!!

  2. Best wishes for abundant love and happiness in the days ahead. It's a privilege to have been a small part of restoring your spirit and joy.
    All the best,
    Elsa & David