Saturday, May 7, 2011


Thank you all for your prayers!! We have some news but cannot make an official announcement until next week. But for now, we can tell you that we have decided to pursue another child in Jackson's orphanage along with Jackson. Along with making scheduling and traveling easier, by adopting two from the same orphanage it also makes our fees less. So.....WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!!!! Praise the Lord!

A few weeks ago I stated that it would be awesome if the Lord provided half of what was left to be raised before we were submitted...He did. Then it was said that it would be amazing if He fully funded us before we got our travel date...He did!!!

So while we are saddened at the loss of Caleb as our son, we rejoice that God is sovereign and His mercy and grace are abundant. We continue to pray for Caleb, that he is loved and taken care of and that he will learn of the Lord's love for him. But we are also excited to move forward with the adoption of Jackson and xxxxx. So please continue to pray for us and our boys. And stay tuned for that announcement next week :)


  1. I know you will miss Caleb, but I know this was God's plan, that another child would be saved along with Jackson! I can't wait to see who the little cutie is :) I'm praying for you

  2. I am too excited, I will surely lose sleep until Tueday LOL :)

  3. Yeah, so glad to hear this news. You guys are awesome, so thankful we are walking this journey together! Can't wait to find out who the lucky guy is.

  4. I wonder if you can give me any hints on fundraising, because you are obviously very good at it to be fully funded even before your first trip! I can't seem to get any donations in at all. Perhaps you have some tips?

  5. Ellie, please email me at Not sure how helpful I can be but I'll try :)