Monday, May 9, 2011

No news

We are still waiting to hear if our little guy is cleared for adoption yet or not. While you wait with us for that official announcement, please take a moment to look at some newly listed sweeties on RR. If I could bring home a half dozen.....

As you look at their profiles, instead of saying "oh, how cute, I hope he/she finds a home soon", please consider becoming that family! Or praying daily for that family! Or advocating for that child to help find that family!! Or donate/fundraise for him/her to give a better chance of finding that family!

I'm not sure how to get all the links listed here, but if you go to and click on waiting children, I know there are new children listed under boys with Ds 0-5 and girls with Ds 0-5. There are quite a few listed that are in Jackson's orphanage. Like I said, if we could bring home a half dozen...

And stay tuned, we hope to hear our news tomorrow. And as soon as we hear we will share with you!!!