Monday, May 30, 2011

We are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have arrived in the boys country!!!!! Praise the Lord!! I survived all 3 flights!! LOL  And just let me say that someone's very first flight ever should not be on a tiny little plane that never feels stable and that if you sit in the middle you could still touch both sides at once!!!! But the other two were much better :) I've just found that the descending and landing are what do me in. I was so happy that I never threw up, but if we'd had one more flight, I'm sure I would've on the landing :)
God was so gracious to us in all our traveling. After our first flight, during our layover, we met up with another family traveling to this same country. The DeVowe's are also adopting through RR. What a blessing it was to meet up with them!! Not only did it give us both traveling companions, but they have done this before so we didn't have to struggle through the "where do we go", "what do we do now" kind of things!!
And just let me say that Lufthansa airlines are fantastic!!! On two flights (one of which only being 2 hours long) we got fed 3 meals, snacks, and endless beverages!!!! And let's not forget the hot towelettes, pillows and blankets!!

So we are now here, sharing an apartment with the Rays, who are adopting Micah from the same orphanage as our boys. The place is big and spacious and next to two grocery stores :)  They have been here for a couple weeks already so they will be showing us around some tonight (if we aren't too tired!). Then we will be meeting up with the DeVowe's for supper tonight.

Our appointment is tomorrow, then we will get the official papers on Wednesday and meet the boys on Thursday!! Can't wait!!!

Since I am no good at the technical stuff, I'll let Joel add pictures to the blog later :) I know these aren't the ones everyone is waiting for, but since we won't meet the boys for a couple more days this is the best we have for now! lol

Thank you, everyone, for the continued prayer for us and our boys! And thank you to all who helped get us here! It is still a little unreal that we are in a foreign country and are really here now to get our boys.

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