Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 days till gotcha day! (it was..but now it's about 24 hours)

Ok, wrote this saturday...published today/monday morning..little odd to read but enjoy and pray!

Well, just a short post to let you know what's going on!  It is saturday, the day after yesterday (well it would have been if I had published it then :) )!  We have decided to stay here at the apartment and get it ready since...well, it needs some help.  First up was dishes (an art form that I am trying to help with), now to blog a second, then to fix the vacuum that is here so we can get one month worth of stuff off the floors (less for both boys to try to eat...I promise we will still feed them)....then to clean everything....(I was a cleaning fool...should have seen it)

We ask for prayer for Jackson over the next few days.  Yesterday revealed that he might not just have been car sick, maybe just sick.  Rachel had a nasty bug or something that we pray Jackson or Josiah does not get.  If they do/did, we are praying they are healed by the time we visit the clinic for their medicals.  As we have seen with the Warners (, there is one clinic used for the Embassy...and they don't like do-overs or second opinions.  They are actually going back in today and we ask all of you to pray for we have seen a miricle take place with the hospital that they were refered to question why he was even pneumonia for the Warners little guy!

Lots of running today and Tuesday morning Gotcha Day!

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