Friday, July 15, 2011

Car sick :(

So today we took the boys to get their passport pictures taken. We were not in the car that long, but within a couple minutes, Jackson decided he wanted in my lap instead of on the seat between Joel and I. Then he is holding his head back and making an odd sound. Oh boy!! He was actually throwing up, but leaned back instead of forward. So I tilted his head forward and caught the "stuff" in the blanket the wonderful nanny sent with us for just this purpose. As he proceeded to fill that, then overfill it, he is getting more upset and I am trying to calm him while trying to keep the "stuff" from leaking onto the seat of Yulia's car. Joel, wonder-dad, managed to get us some wipes out of the bag while holding on to Josiah (who can't sit up by himself yet). So we get all cleaned up (still managing to not get any on the car, yeah momma!) and settle in to sleep it off when round three starts :( Poor little guy was so miserable. At this point there is nothing left in his stomach so he is having dry heaves, but he doesn't understand what is happening so he is crying and just wants to lay down, which of course he can't because we are riding in the car.

But he was a trooper. For all of that, he still managed to smile (as soon as the car stopped, lol) and have a little fun. Especially while we were trying to get him to sit still for the picture! Boy was he ever acting his age! lol A 3 year old is very curious, wanting to touch everything and see if it makes noise when he hits it! But he slept some more and was not sick again on the car ride back. So thankful for that!! But please pray as we do have more car rides in our near future!

Josiah was a champ! You'd have thought he does this every day. But please pray for him as well as. His whole world is about to change as well, and he does have an older brother who throws every toy he ever meets :) He barely missed being clocked with a rattle today. What was I thinking?! lol

Later in the day we were waiting at the orphanage with the director to go close out the boys accounts. We got a call from Yulia saying that because of something that came up with another family she was unable to pick us up and a taxi was waiting for us. Her husband would meet us to be a translator. Well, off we go with the director leading the way! Good thing he knew where to go and what to do! LOL  We were already half way done by the time Yulia's husband got there :)  Then it was back to the orphanage, where I got puked on again. Yep, poor Jackson was still not feeling quite so good. Poor guy just had a rough day all around.  

So Monday we have our first embassy appointment and pick up the boys passports!! Yay! Then Tuesday is gotcha day! Woohoo!! We'll have the rest of our embassy appointments that day and be done!!! We fly home on Friday!! It's hard to believe right now that one week from now we will be home. (well, a couple hours from home)
While I am glad to get the boys out of the orphanage, I will miss it. While I am there I remember to pray for the nannies and the kids there. I also get a chance to give out some loving every now and then to kids who don't have parents visiting them every day just waiting to take them home. There are so many things I will miss from here, including one very cute little blonde headed girl ;)  But that is for a different post.

I have no pictures to leave you with today. Too busy cleaning up vomit to get the camera out :)

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