Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 7 of the 10 day wait

This day was filled with lots of smiles, giggles, laughs, snacks, hugs, and kisses! And that was all before 1pm!!! :) We again had wonderful visits with the boys. Jackson is starting to go to Daddy for hugs and loving now too, which is great! He also knows that Daddy's are for wrestling with! Imagine that, no one needed to show him how to leap on top of Daddy ;)  He is also showing a bit of a stubborn streak more and more. Just a little longer buddy before you no longer have so many mama's! We are learning more every day how to calm him when he gets frustrated and how to redirect him when he is over focused on something (like snack). We thank God every day for the growth in both Jackson and ourselves as we work our way through this new stuff together. He's never had a mom and dad and we've never had a son :)

Our visit with Josiah was GREAT!!! He is smiling and laughing more and more every day! Used to be that whenever you'd tickle him he would just look at you with no expression. Now he is not only smiling, but LAUGHING! Oh, and he has started tickling back! Today he was just smiling and laughing because he was sitting on my lap and I was smiling at him. CUTE! And then he just reached up and tickled my neck and laughed really hard when I started laughing. God sure has blessed us with some very cute and smart boys!

And as obsessive as Jackson can get about his snack, he gave us a surprise yesterday! I was giving him some pretzels (which were a little stale and really not all that great, but all we had) and so Joel asked for one (not because he wanted one, but to help teach Jackson sign language). So when I handed Joel the nasty pretzel he said thank you, and kind of tossed it aside making Jackson think he ate it. Well our boy is smarter than that! He heard it drop, and not knowing what it was or where it landed for sure, he starts looking all over the floor. Well, he found something, but it was a speck of dirt or something, and he proceeded to hand it directly over to Daddy!! He didn't try to eat the whatever it was that fell, he just wanted to find it for Daddy! So sweet! That was yesterday. So today Joel tried the same thing, with a yummy Cheerio. Well, this kid is so much smarter than we give him credit for. He picked up the Cheerio and without even a sideways glance at Daddy, popped it into his own mouth!! Sorry, Dad, but he doesn't share the good stuff! lol

After our visits we came home for a short rest then off to dinner with 4 other families! 3 of which have already had gotcha day...which means we got to meet the orphans no more!! Yay!! Well, one of them I already knew :) Micah Ray! Love that little sweetie! And because I didn't have mine with me to be jealous, I got to love on him quite a bit :) It was a great evening. I love that we are in the capital city the whole time because of all the people we get to meet coming and going. And because we've been here a while, we can show them some good places to try :)

Okay, so we now only have 3 days left of our 10 day wait. Not sure yet what our schedule will look like after that, probably won't know until next week. Please pray that all goes smoothly for the rest of the waiting period, and then with all the paperwork that follows. Our flights are not scheduled until the 22nd so we are in no rush for things to happen quickly, but smoothly would be nice :)

**************This was not published until now, day 10 because of blogger issues :(  But the great news is, today is day 10 of our 10 day wait!!!! Tomorrow it is official! We won't be springing the boys right away though. First we need to get the court decree (which here in the capital can take a few days), get the new birth certificates,  and get passports.

Day 8 of our wait just happened to be Josiah's first birthday!!! We had planned on getting a cup of ice cream from McDonald's and taking it to him but some things got lost in translation :)  I ordered a regular coke and ice cream in a cup, to go. It took a minute for the ice cream part to register, but then he understood (or so I thought)! So imagine my surprise as I watch him put the cup of Coke into a bag with the straw and napkin and hand me an ice cream cone! LOL I got my ice cream and my Coke "to-go"!!!!  Joel had went upstairs to use the restroom while I ordered. The Coke was for him. If only you could've seen the look on his face when he looked at what I had in my hands and then asked where is Coke was! Of course I said, "in the bag". At the look he then gave me I just had to laugh and say something got lost in translation. :) LOL LOL So Josiah didn't get any ice cream for his birthday, but we did take him a couple new books, which he loved, and some new clothes to try on! As we did, we got to see his bare little feet for the first time. So tiny. And he loves being barefoot, just like Jackson. Almost the whole time we had him out of his orphanage clothes he was playing with his foot :)

Well, we did end up taking him some ice cream today....and he LOVES it!!!

Yesterday, day 9, Joel went to visit the boys by himself. Good bonding time with dad :) Jackson played and played with him, even getting Joel to sit on the swing so he could give him a push! And when Joel asked him to sign daddy he did. But then he signed momma while looking around for me!! How sweet! And then he got to play with Josiah. Until Josiah puked all over him!! LOL It was as he was tossing him in the air, well, on the way down from a toss in the air :)

I have to say, one of my favorite parts of our visits is when we go get Jackson. He just comes at me with his arms up, knowing I'll pick him up. And as soon as I do, he just gets this peaceful, joyful smile on his face. It's the only time I see that specific smile. I love it! He doesn't want daddy right away either, has to be momma. He'll just be content in my arms for the first few minutes of every visit. I sure love that little guy! And his little brother is melting my heart too!!! He is laughing and smiling so much now! He likes being tickled and has even started tickling you back. He also likes to be tossed in the air, both boys do! And kisses, he loves kisses. Today he even leaned in, puckered up, and gave me a kiss! It was so sweet!!!!

I sure do love my little men! I can't wait until I get to be a momma to them. Right now I just get to play with them for a couple hours a day. Poor things have no idea that their worlds are about to be turned upside down. Please pray for them as we continue to get closer to springing them from the orphanage and starting our lives together as a family.

Since I'm still having some issues with blogger, there are no pictures on this post :(  But I promise to try to post a bunch later!!

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