Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 5...but who's counting

I am!!! Today is day 5 of the 10 day wait. This next week may be one of the longest I've experienced yet :)

So what did we do on this 5th day of the wait? Visited the boys of course!! Jackson was especially cute today, and boy does he like m&m's!! He and daddy have really gotten this play thing down. They started on the merry-go-round which produced lots of adorable giggles. Then they went to the play house where Jackson thought it way too much effort to actually open the half door to go in, much easier to climb over it. Once inside, daddy would knock on the closed window and Jackson would open it with a huge grin! Then he would climb out the window, because that's what it's there for right. LOL  There was lots of playing around the play house, with daddy hiding behind a corner and Jackson "finding" him. Many giggles were produced because of a big piece of yellow and red plastic today. Okay, maybe because of the big guy playing with him ;)
He has also learned to ride on daddy's shoulders without pulling out hair, pulling on ears, or clobbering daddy in the head. Daddy is excited about all of this! So of course, much time was spent on daddy's shoulders dancing, taking little steps then big ones, jogging, and anything that would tire daddy out :) Yet again, many giggles were produced. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that giggle!!! I could listen to it all day long. But, alas, the time came to hand him back over. Soon I will no longer have to do this, and I am longing for that day.

So after some shopping and lunch, we headed back for our visit with Josiah. What a cutie!! For right now, his personality is kind of dry. So we spend much time doing whatever it takes trying to get a smile out of him. Thankfully these are becoming much more frequent. Now to get him giggling more!! Of course, the one thing that will surely supply smiles and most likely a giggle is being "tossed" up in the air and getting a kiss or two to the cheek on the way back down to momma's lap. Well, today this produced the smile I was looking for, but it was brief and not followed by another one. So we gave up on that. Good thing, because shortly after he threw up on momma's arm. Poor baby! Thankfully it got mostly on my arm and not on him or his clothes. Joel's reaction to it was kind of funny, poor daddy. He just sat there watching as if bewildered at what he just saw. So I ask him for a wipe, and he gets it and holds it out for me, while keeping a little distance :) As I look at him expectantly I realize he doesn't know what to do. So I inform him that I am unable to hold the baby with my left arm (he cannot sit up himself or hold himself up at all), and wipe up the vomit that is all over my pants and right arm at the same time. As he continues to look at me questioningly, I realize that he's trying to decide what to do. So I take pity and just let him know he needs to take the baby and wipe up the little bit that got on him, while I clean up myself and the blanket we were sitting on. So some firsts today. First time Josiah puked on me and first time daddy had to deal with baby puke!! lol

And here are pictures of the last few days! Enjoy!!

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  1. Hahaha! I can just picture Joel's face with the puke. LOL!