Saturday, July 23, 2011


We are home!!! We made it home around 8pm and were all asleep by 9:30!! The boys slept all night :) We all got up around 5 or so, had something to eat and then it was back to sleep for the boys. Mom and dad stayed up for a bit enjoying the quiet, but momma didn't last too long before she was back to sleep too!! 

The boys did great considering we just uprooted them from the only home/schedule they've ever known. We got them up at 3am (Ukraine time) to head to the airport for our first flight. LOVE Niko!!!! That man is wonderful and I don't know what we would've done without him. He not only got us to the airport, but got us checked in and on our way! The first flight was only a couple hours and we were all seated together. Joel and I took turns holding Josiah and Jackson slept in his seat the whole time. Josiah did great! Even kept looking out the window! Never had any problems with his ears during take-off or landing either. He did happen to pee completely through his diaper as we were landing. You know, when you have your belts on and can't get up and move. Yeah, mom got to sit there soaked in pee along with him just waiting to be able clean everybody up. So before the next flight I got both boys in fresh diapers and a clean outfit for Josiah. This was the long flight and unfortunately we were not sitting together :( I was with Josiah a couple rows up and one row over from Joel and Jackson. By the time we were in the air mom and Josiah were again drenched in his pee, Jackson was a mess, and Joel and I were ready to be done with that flight. And we had another 8 hours to go!!! So yes, the second flight was hard on all of us. It not really something I would like to experience again. But again, I say the boys did great. That may sound contradicting to you, but put yourself in their shoes. I would have been more than fussy! So, yes it was a hard, horrible day of travel. But not because they threw fits or screamed or anything like that. Just because it is hard to travel for 24+ hours straight, be off your sleep/eat schedule, sit still for that long (especially a 3 year old and a 1 year old! not to mention mom and dad!), or be held for that long when you are not used to being held much. So I say it again, the traveling was hard, but the boys did great considering. The last flight was more of the same for Jackson, but Josiah had finally had enough and slept the entire hour and a half. Joel and I did better on the last flight because we had about 2 and a half hours to just relax while in DC waiting for our last flight. So we spread out a blanket on the floor for Josiah, got Jackson out of the stroller and let him play for a bit, got something to eat and had a family picnic right there on the floor in the airport :) 

We were very blessed to be met at the airport by my best friend and the Lane family. I got a much needed hug from my best friend (after she hugged the boys of course!) and got to meet the wonderful Lane family! I got some much needed hugs from them as well :) I will work on getting pictures from them both and getting them posted on here. 

Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging comments! They are very much appreciated, and needed!! I know they will get us through the next few days which are going to be rough due to the fact that we all have jet lag!!


  1. oooo i am so glad that long long journey is behind you and you are all home! you are in my thoughts and prayers as you all resettle. i pray you egt loads of sleep and enjoy those boys xxxx

  2. Glad you made it home safely, albeit a little pee soaked. LOL Welcome to parenthood. Praying for good sleep for all of you and for the family transition to be smooth and seemless.
    Hugs! So wish we could have been there to cheer you on at the airport!

  3. Woohoo!!! WELCOME HOME!!!! So glad things went well for you all with the traveling. It could have been much much worse. LOL Can't wait to see pics. :) Mel

  4. Thanks for letting is us know you are HOME!!!
    What a word: HOME!!!
    We keep Praying for a GOOD "growing together" and adjusting for you all!!!