Monday, July 25, 2011

"It is finished" John 19:30 (Daddy was wrong on this)

Wow, I have been comparing adoption to a Christian's adoption into God's family for quite awhile....why did I think it would get easy any time soon?  :)

As we awoke Friday morning, 2am....we wiped the 3 hours worth of sleep from our eyes, took a quick shower and finished packing for the 3am pick up from the apartment.  The boys were snatched up while they were sleeping and we were off to the airport with Niko (that man is just amazing, such a friend we have made...way more than just a he says "a universal soldier").  Once there Niko got us a luggage cart and wheeled it in for us bypassing the long lines and going right up to the ticket agent at the counter, he then said something to him in  Ukrainian and came back to tell us we were next in line.  I was actually a bit embarrassed, I hate line cutters and it felt like the other 300+ people on that flight were staring at us feeling like I would have.  But, we got our tickets and after a long good bye with Niko we headed for security.  Security was  a breeze, the agents were nice the kids were great and I was really wanting that first cup of coffee.  Then, as we were not expecting, the first of the problems started.

The lines for passport control were packed for Ukrainian citizens, but the line for foriegners was pretty small.  We stood there for a bit and realized the windows were not even open.....we waited another bit...then a bit more.  I went back to security and was told to wait for someone...the other agents didn't speak foreign languages.  So, we waited and another person in line went to ask (it had been close to an hour already).  They came back and informed us we all need to get into the Ukrainian Citizens line.  Well, it got interesting trying to explain the adoption and the two kids with the Ukrainian passports and visas but the packet of papers we handed to him seem to do the trick (just a note for those going after me, don't....I repeat don't reach under the glass to try to organize things after you think the passport control guy is done with them...i could tell by the look, he was ready to take me to the back for a beating), speaking of beatings, some guy a couple lines over set the mood by going off on a passport control guy and was taken away by security...that was nice!  After all was said and done, we got to the gate just in time to board....not taking the extra minute needed to change Josiah's diaper which later started Rachel's pee-on story!

Once seated, the boys were doing great and Jackson pretty much just passed out.  The landing provided the only "excitement" as I look over at Rachel and she is mouthing..."He pee'd on me"...I couldn't hear or understand what she meant or was trying to say so I really wasn't that supportive to her needs (oops on that one) then the whole trying to change a baby when trying to run to the next gate with a wet baby and wife thing...but we found the joy of "baby rooms" in the airport....a place to change a diaper and for parents to cry, wondering what have they done".  We had about an hour from getting to our gate to boarding, so Jackson and I went for a small walk and got a couple bottles of water.  We then boarded, Rachel with the baby at the bulkhead (she got a bassenette...bonus) and Jackson and I a few rows back and to the side of her.  Takeoff went well, but then the chaos began.  I quickly found out that I have little patience for squirmy little boys who can't communicate what they need or want...and for some reason this little Jackson had a lot of energy he needed to get out.  He actually did very good and the total time of acting like a 3 year old (something I have to remind myself of....often) was only  about an hour of the 8.5 hour flight.  Rachel and I kept trading off as Jackson could stretch his little legs out when cuddling with momma and I could hold Josiah without fear of the guys in front of me be hit with whatever Jackson could use as a drum stick on their heads.  The last 30 minutes was the roughest.  I was told Jackson needed to be buckled in for the descent and landing but he was throwing a fit....all out tantrum but he was muffling his own crying.  This brave little fella was trying not cry and disrupt everyone but, as we later found out, his poor little tummy hurt and the seat belt was making it worse.  As we were landing the kid a half a row back and two seats over blew chunks!  Over and over and over....louder than I have ever heard,, the smell!  I was already a bit queezy from something I ate or just the whole process, and that almost did me in....but then I smelled something else!  Jackson's stomach couldn't cope and he blew out his diaper!  If you have read my posts, you know I had yet to be able to change a messy diaper....but this was far beyond rookie diaper changing abilities but momma came to the rescue and did it right in the plane's restroom as everyone exited.  It was BAD!  Momma also encountered another pee through with Josiah so all their extra clothing was pretty much shot!

DC gave the most enjoyable immigration process I have seen, and the lines were almost non existent.  Then to the problems there either and with very few going through, Rachel got to share a bit of the adoption story with 3 or 4 agents as they double checked my carry-on.  We were done, we only had to take no less than 6 elevators one train and two potty breaks before arriving at what we thought was our gate.  We actually had a few hours so after getting Jackson's boarding pass, at the correct gate, we decided on a couple bacon double cheeseburgers from 5 Guys and some fries to share with Jackson...blanket out, picnic style right in the terminal!  Our very first family picnic, and it was in Washington DC, on a nasty carpeted floor of an airline terminal...but it's not what you have it's what you make of it and who you are with!  What an enjoyable time as a family.  The little two hour flight from DC to Nashville was great, the boys interacted with several people before we took off.  Josiah was fast asleep before we taxied out and after a bit of fussing during take off, Jackson was soon off to lala land too.  There was only one "freak out" moment for Jackson, so I just unbuckled him and he was fine in daddy's arms (this was at the same time Rachel was trying to get me to  look out the window at the cumulonimbus storm clouds...the Same Rachel who hates the thought of flying/scared to death of airplanes!)

Exiting the plane, Rachel took the munchkin and I kept Jackson waiting with me for the "carry-on" baggage that couldn't fit on the "Metro with wings".  We freshened up a bit, changed shirts and went to meet a couple close friends!  We didn't know if we should have people meet us there or not, the whole bonding issue and drastic change of life for the boys, but we decided on a few people and we were very pleased.  Just enough to know people remember us, and enough hands for the kiddos and to help with luggage/chocolate bar transportation (although...I don't think they realized the chocolate thing :)  )  Hugs all around, locked and loaded in a minivan, we headed home on the 1 1/2 hour drive...only interrupted by Rachel needing to stop for munchies and having her first Non-Ukrainian purchase, was funny and She didn't understand the cashier.  Rachel said that she was just preparing to tell the cashier that she didn't need to purchase a bag, Thankfully Heather was there to "translate" for her!  Home we were, an hour or so and we were all out cold and actually slept for about 8 I miss that now!  :)  sleep that is!

Oh, back to the "It is finished" thing.  See, Jesus wasn't talking about all of His work...just His work down here in human form.  We are finished paying the initial price for these little guys, but there is still much to do....this is where the hard stuff starts to happen.  This too was the point where God's hard work started.  The tough love, leading us in ways that only our Father can know is best for us...seeing us struggle through hard transitions when he knows the finished product he is working us towards.  We rebel and fuss against some of the pain in our lives, the places where God places us and trials we go through....but He knows what is best and isn't afraid to make the hard decisions we need to be more like Christ.  So Christians, REJOICE in your pain and hard times!  God knows what is best for you and He will, lovingly, guide us through those changes....What an amazing Lord we serve

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  1. Joel you are a crack up! What a day of traveling for you guys! Glad you are home and can now begin family life together!