Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Okay, so Niko said that he would be picking up the court decree this afternoon. Unfortunately not soon enough for us to get any other running around done, but that's kind of what we were planning on anyways :) This just means that we've gotten to visit the boys the last couple of days instead of spending the day in the car with Niko. The plan right now is for us to start our running around with Niko tomorrow (Thursday). When we finish up and head home depends upon how much we get done tomorrow.  So please pray for smooth processes. Pray we have no trouble getting the new birth certificates or the passports.

As far as the visits the last couple days, well the boy are just wonderful :) Okay, so one is a toddler and whines and grunts when he doesn't get his way and the other one, well, he's a baby who is teething, but to me they are wonderful!
Yesterday Joel tried taking Jackson back to his group while I stayed behind to pack up "our" hut and pull out some snacks for Joel and I while we wait for our time to visit Josiah. Well, they got maybe 20 feet away before Jackson started getting really frustrated and demanded to be put down. But he didn't want to walk, he wanted to head back to the hut we'd been playing in. Then, we walked straight to me :) He let me pick him up and carry him back, no problem. That little sweetheart just didn't want to leave his momma!!! So when we picked him up today from his group, he of course wanted only me to hold him, but he would also push daddy away if he tried to get close to him at all!!! He did not want to share momma! It took him awhile, but he did eventually decide that daddy was okay today. He has also been giving me kisses, like really puckering up (okay, his own version of puckering) and leaning in for a kiss! And today he decided daddy worthy of a kiss too!! Love it!
Josiah has been giving me kisses as well :) One of his favorite things during our visits is momma kisses!! He has been smiling and giggling so much lately, it just overjoys this momma's heart. Me giving him kisses is a sure way to get a smile and more often now a giggle (as long as he doesn't see daddy pulling out the camera that is, because as soon as he sees that thing he takes those smiles and giggles and hides them!) His giggle now is sounding like a real giggle, not just a congested noise. It's amazing how just a few hours a day can open up a child's personality! I am so excited to get these wonderful boys out of the orphanage and here with me 24/7. But please pray for them during this transition as it will be an incredible change for them. Please also pray specifically for Jackson, that he will be okay with sharing momma with a little brother. We've only had them together for a visit a couple of times due to their differing nap schedules. Basically, as long as daddy has Josiah and momma is playing with Jackson all is right with the world (according to Jackson!). But when momma holds Josiah, well, all is NOT right with the world according to Jackson! So along with all the other changes, he's going to have to share the momma that he's going to be clinging too as everything else in his world will be different. So please pray for this little man.

We've been so busy playing lately that we haven't gotten a lot of pictures, especially of Jackson, but here are a few :) Enjoy!

This is Josiah's favorite book, and his favorite page in that book. He likes the sound/feel of the lion's rough paws :)

 Going in to give momma a big ole kiss!! Momma kisses is a favorite game of his :) LOVE IT!!!
 Smiling because he's getting Momma kisses :) Love this little man! Even with his silly bonnets. LOL

 Gotta love the hair!! I've been dying to do this to his hair for a while!! He's just got peach fuzz on the sides and the top is VERY long. Who could resist :)

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